Reasons to Choose GTAFE

Leading Personnel Advantages
lCapable Teams: R&D and Service teams comprised of a total of 1500 employees, with more than 60% as R&D engineers
lSkilled Specialists: Over 200 highly qualified employees, with more than 20% holding master’s or doctoral degrees, and/or having studied abroad
lExperienced Advisors: An expert consulting team of more than 300 professors and scholars from prestigious universities in China and abroad (including Princeton University, the University of Hong Kong, Peking University, etc.) 

Technology R&D Strength (Investment)
l Heavy R&D Investment: Investing over 18% of sales revenue in R&D development
l Professional Teams: Over 60% of entire employee base involved in R&D, in particular technological innovation
l Innovation Driven: 900 products with acquired independent patents and copyrights, with continual growth
lOfficial Certification: CMMI Level 4 and Computer Information System Integration Level 3
lVarious Awards: “Chinese High-Tech Enterprise”, “Key Software Enterprise in the National Plan”, “Key High-Tech Enterprise of China Torch Program”, and “Key Independent Innovation (Shenzhen) Product”

Creative professional services
l Comprehensiveness: High-tech product system covering “Smart Teaching, Training, Management, and Assessment”
lInnovation: Incorporating top-down design, new technology applications, new technical products, and innovative value-added services
lCoverage: Services extending to kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities,vocational schools, governments, enterprises, public institutions, communities, and residents

Global Clients and Partners
Maintaining cooperative relationships with hundreds of colleges, universities, institutions, and associations around the world, including the Wharton School, the University of Hong Kong,QUICK Corp., EBSCO, etc.

2500+ Educational Institutions

400+ Financial Institutions

Extensive Service Network
l200 service teams
lOver 1000 service staff
l 60 branch offices all around the world
lReaching over 20 countries and regions
l Excellent customer service

Brand Influence
Summits and Forums
GTAFE attaches great importance to domestic and international exchanges and hosted high-end summits and forums with extensive recognition, which provide professional platform for all-around resource integration, exchange, and collaboration in vocational education, financial investment, etc.

The 4th International Summit of China Vocational Education 2018
The 3rd International Summit of China Vocational Education 2017

The 3rd Conference on Innovation and Development of Chinese Vocational Education 2017
The International Forum on Undergraduate Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2016

The 4th Wuzhou Industrial Development Forum 2015
INET- Tsinghua New Economic International Summit

The International Forum on Vocational Education in Western China 2015
2nd GTAFE Cross-Straits Four-Region Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition 2015

Research and Publication
GTAFE establishes its Vocational Education and Industry Development Research Institute,responsible for the edition of Chinese Vocational Education Yearbook, as well as development and innovation of various publications, teaching materials, white papers, and research.

Chinese vocational education yearbooks

lSelected Research Accomplishments on Specific Issues
lSurvey Report on Global Vocational Education
lTheory, Experience, and Practice of Vocational Education Evaluation
lTheory, Research and Practice in VR-based Education
lDevelopment and Applications of the Super Master Platform (internet plus teaching)
lDevelopment and Opportunities of Vocational Education along The Belt and Road

Young Craftsman
GTAFE jointly launched a large-scale motivational program for students of vocational schools – Young Craftsman,with China Education Television, so as to enhance the social recognition of vocational education.