Company Profile

Chinese high-tech giant in vocational education

Innovative leader and industry promoter of vocational education

With more than eighteen years of experience, Shenzhen GTA Education Tech Ltd. (GTAFE) has become an innovative leader and industry promoter of vocational education in China. As a specialist in innovative educational technology and improving education quality, GTAFE focuses on vocational education, K-12 quality education, and financial data service. It offers smart education solutions using VR, AR, and AI in the following areas:teaching, training, management and assessment. Established in 2000, GTAFE has developed more than 900 products with acquired patents and copyrights.Moreover, it has obtained various honors such as CMMI Level 4 Certificate, Key High-Tech Enterprise of China Torch Program, Key Software Enterprise in the National Plan, and Chinese High-Tech Enterprise. It was selected as a participant of “Industry-University Cooperation Project” by the Ministry of Education.

lInitiated the launch of smart education products and services (focusing on teaching,training, management, and assessment) by introducing new technology

lInitiated the design and development of CSMAR? databases (China Stock Market & Accounting Research Databases) with international recognition

lReleased multidisciplinary solutions for vocational education

lEstablished the Vocational Education and Industry Development Research Institute and released the first Chinese vocational education yearbook

lHosted the International Summit of China Vocational Education and launched a vocational education program named Young Craftsman with China Education Television

lContinuously spreading innovation in vocational education and creating a comprehensive professional vocational education service network