Vocational Education

Vocational Education:One-stop Smart Education Integrated Solution Provider

With the objective of improving teaching quality, professional curriculum, and personnel training, GTAFE offers products and services in the teaching, training, management and assessment using VR, AR, and AI,as well as integrated enhancement solutions for vocational schools and their academic major structuring.

Selected Core Products

Super Master Smart Classroom
Super Master Smart Classroom applies new information technologies, such as AI, big data, AR, and VR, to create a smart education environment integrating “smart hardware + multifunction platform + tremendous digital resources”. With interactive teaching platform and abundant curriculum resources, it offers diversified smart management and assessment under smart immersive teaching environment, to help schools improve teaching performance, collect resources, and conduct effective management.  

Interactive Teaching Platform + Teaching Resources
GTAFE Super Master platform combines interactive teaching platform with teaching resources to conduct comprehensive management integrating “before class – during class – after class”. Excellent resources include textbooks, courseware, and software, covering over 120 majors through about 900 courses. The course information remains normally updated to pave the way for school teaching management and resource library construction.   

VR inClass Training Series
By applying VR in practical teaching, GTAFE creates teaching and training software and curriculum resources covering multiple majors such as Automobile, Mechatronics, Industrial Robot, and Life Sciences. It offers diversified models including VR Classroom, VR Training Lab, and VR Development and Innovation Center, to help vocational schools apply innovative teaching and training models and create a new interaction-based training environment.

Virtual Simulation Platform + Training Simulation Software
GTAFE smart experimental teaching management platform is a virtual training simulation system including over 20 majors in finance and economics such as Banking, Insurance, Securities Investment, Financial Planning, Finance, Accounting, Auditing, Marketing, Business Administration, International Trade, IT, and Internet Finance. All software shares the same entry and underlying data, allowing students to experience business operations at different positions. It can comprehensively deepen students’ understanding and enhance their practical skills.

Educational Equipment
Responding to the requirements of Made in China 2025 for vocational education and skilled personnel, GTAFE explored the connection between emerging industries and academic disciplines, to develop core products such as Smart Manufacturing, Intelligent Transportation, Smart Electric, and Virtual Welding. Moreover, it also provides solution of smart training laboratory construction and operation for emerging science and engineering disciplines (Industrial Robot, New Energy Automobile, Smart Manufacturing, etc.) of vocational schools. The solution integrates smart equipment, virtual simulation training software, curriculum resources, and teacher training services.  

Smart Campus Management System
Smart Campus Management System builds smart life-cycle management process for students and teachers, covering administration, assets, teaching, etc. Innovative management models offer comprehensive campus management services. Its elimination of “Information isolated island” improves the smart management and scientific decision-making of schools in terms of personnel, events, and things, and drives the overall school management models towards modernization and internalization. 

Internal Quality Assurance System
According to policies of Ministry of Education on teaching diagnosis and improvement, GTAFE Quality Assurance System conducts all-around diagnosis and analysis on teaching quality based on the status data of personnel training in vocational schools, to help schools build multi-dimensional internal quality assurance mechanism, covering schools, majors, courses, teachers, and students.