Key Strategic Planning

Online Education
Based on Online Craftsman Cloud Platform, GTAFE provides overall top-down planning, platform building,resource construction, operation assistance, as well as online and offline O2O training services for industrialworkers, new professional farmers, veterans, community service workers, students of vocational schools, etc. by cooperation with vocational schools, social training organizations, and governmental institutions.

International Business
GTAFE will integrate various resources to promote vocational teaching and training system focusing on VR and AI, and gradually implement and promote the industry-education integration by cooperation with enterprises interested in international development.

Holding the International Cooperation Summit of Chinese Vocational Education for four consecutive years, building a communication platform for international vocational education

GTAFE hosted the International Cooperation Summit of Chinese Vocational Education annually since 2015, which became a communication platform for international vocational education.

Strengthening collaboration and entering the Great Stone Industrial Park

To accelerate the international development, GTAFE entered the Great Stone Industrial Park (Park) in a sign of cooperation with SINO-BLR Fund and International Intelligent Machines Co., Ltd. GTAFE signed a strategic cooperation agreement with SINOBLR Fund on Aug. 1, 2018. SINO-BLR Fund, is mainly intended for adapting to national strategies, fulfilling The Belt and Road Initiative, promoting the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Belarus, and improving the functional requirements of the Park. It mainly invests in residents of the Park and excellent projects. Entering the Park in Belarus with the great support from SINO-BLR Fund, represents a landmark in the “international development” of GTAFE, which will start a new chapter of soaring.

GTAFE is the 37th resident in the Great Stone Industrial Park

GTAFE conducts strategic cooperation with International Intelligent Machines Co., Ltd. in VR products and teaching robots, jointly offering services for vocational education system in Belarus and other Russian speaking countries, so as to communicate,identify, establish and share resources rapidly.

Signing a strategic investment agreement with SINO-BLR Fund

Based on three-party cooperation, GTAFE will, in next five years, greatly promote the popularization and application of vocational teaching and training system focusing on VR and AI in Russian speaking countries (Central Asia and Central and Eastern Europe, with 300 million population), starting from the Park, to help vocational schools improve teaching models and methods. Meanwhile, GTAFE will, jointly with China Merchants Group, build a senior technical school (vocational training center) in the Park, so as to foster skilled personnel for enterprises in the Park.In addition, GTAFE will regard the Park project as a model for industry-education integration to carry out comprehensive promotion in countries along The Belt and Road.

Yaroshenko, the Head of the Administration of Great StoneIndustrial Park, issuing the Entry Permit to GTAFE (Minsk) DataTechnology Co., Ltd.

VR products entering US and Thailand

GTAFE VR teaching and training software has been popular and extensively recognized by domestic and overseas vocational schools since its release.

lGTAFE has cooperated with over 200 vocational schools in VR-based teaching applications and development. About 1,000 schools are committed to apply GTAFE VR products.
lGTAFE VR products are certified by the American Automobile Association.
lGTAFE VR products received high praise for the advanced technology and highly realistic simulation from foreign clients and media at the ISTE 2017 in USA.
lGTAFE VR products entered the Thai market, and Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha personally used the software in 2018.