Financial and Data Services

A Premium Financial Information and Data Service Solution Provider in China

Quantitative Investment
Quantrader: It is an all-around quantitative investment terminal integrating real-time market information display, quantitative strategy development and backtesting, and virtual and real transaction. User can view and extract data which are characterized by all-around, highquality,low delay, and multi-frequency, as well as use its strategies, so as to satisfy requirements of quantitative investment.

Simulation Trading
Virtual Exchange: It is a leading platform for securities investment competition and simulation training. The B / S structure allows for online operation anytime. With the competition management system (front-end) and matching and settlement system (background), it has been recognized by over 350 clients.

VTS Matching and Settlement System: It is premium simulation trading system, which simulates stock exchanges and China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation Limited. With the standard trade gateway and after-hours settlement documents, it can seamlessly connect to trading system and meet the quantitative service needs such as strategy verification, assessment,examination, proprietary trading, and assets management.

Backtesting system: It is a tool for testing trade system after upgrade. It automatically playbacks the historical real orders, capital flows, and transaction data, and makes final decisions based on difference in results. It offers regression testing and pressure testing, covers extensive business,and can playback real world scenario. Therefore it is an efficient black-box testing method.

Financial and Economic Databases: The databases offer real-time updates, facilitating users to obtain the latest data timely. Data are classified into basic data and derivative data,covering more than 20 categories, including stock, industry, index, and futures.

Market information distribution system: It uses featured data acquisition, cache, derivation and
processing technologies to build a complete data management system, where the market data of
the exchanges are formatted and distributed to financial institution customers.

QTAPI: It is a professional lightweight data subscription API. User can subscribe the interested data by calling API functions. The available data cover authoritative information related to quantitative risk control and financial factors. It helps users conduct data analysis and strategy research.