Huaqiang Vocational Technical School

Huaqiang Vocational Technical School is a national vocational school, which was a participant of the National Secondary Vocational School Construction and Reform Pilot Projects in 2011. Based on GTA’s resource platform, the school and GTA jointly established a new model for school-enterprise cooperation: “1+1=N Platform”.



l Jointly developed an external practice and training base

l Customized “Finance Training Laboratory Integrated Solution

l A finance professional training proposal, based on the principle of “Wide Base, Big Fintech”

l Multi-dimensional integration of courses and certification programmes, resulting in the Huaqiang Standard

l Developing the “Further Education Centre” for participants to contribute services to the local community

l Developing the “Kindergarten Teachers Development Centre” and “International Educational Exchange Base” to create excellent, well-rounded teams of teachers

l Improving the community education system

l Building school recognition

Societ Insights & Decision Co., Ltd.

School-enterprise cooperation with Tea Expo Garden

School-enterprise cooperation with China Shipping Logistics Co., Ltd.