Development History

· 2000 - 2005 Blueprint Debut

· GTA Information Technology Co., Ltd. was founded (now Shenzhen GTA Education Tech Ltd.)

· CSMAR Financial & Economic Data Query System (Chinese and English versions) was officially launched

· GTA signed a contract with the China Securities Regulatory Commission

· GTA signed a contract with Wharton School

· GTA cooperated with Princeton University on the CSMAR  Financial Database application

· MSCI Barra launched the China A-Share Stock Market Index on the basis of  CSMAR  Financial Database

· 2006 -2010 Early Development

· GTA received the “Chinese High-Tech Enterprise” Award

· Launched the Financial Laboratory & Training Centre, which was utilized by clients including Peking University HSBC Business School

· GTA Financial Laboratory was chosen as the “2010 Key Independent Innovation (Shenzhen) Product”

· GTA Financial Laboratory signed contracts with Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Xiamen University, and University of Science and Technology of China

· GTA provided the big-screen display system and information services to the China Financial Futures Exchange at its opening

· Launched financial engineering products, including the Stock Index Futures Arbitrage System, to the market

· Launched the Accounting, Banking, Logistics, Marketing, and Business Laboratories

· 2011 -2016 Growth Spurts

· Siwei Cheng, Former Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of NPC, visited GTA

· Guiren Yuan, Former Minister of the Ministry of Education, visited Ningbo Dahongying University - GTA College of Entrepreneurship

· Qidi Wu, Former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Education, visited GTA headquarters

· Xin Lu, Former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Education, reviewed GTA’s booth at the National Vocational School Exposition

· Daokai Ge, Director of the Department of Vocational and Adult Education of the Ministry of Education, visited the Ningbo Vocational Experience Centre for Students, which was jointly constructed by GTA and the Ningbo Economic & Trade School and is the first national vocational education campus in China

· GTA was awarded “Key Software Enterprise in the National Plan” and “Key High-Tech Enterprise of China Torch Programme”

· The “Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base” was approved by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People’s Republic of China, Shenzhen

· GTA established the GTA College of Entrepreneurship with Ningbo Dahongying University, initiating the cooperative education model

· In collaboration with the Government of Jiashan in Zhejiang, GTA officially opened the GTA Collaborative Innovation Technology Park and High-Skilled Personnel Training Centre

· Chinese Vocational Education Yearbook, the first reference book on vocational education research, was officially published

· The 1st International Cooperation Summit of Chinese Vocational Education 2015 was held in Shenzhen

· GTA organized the China Quantitative Investment International Summit for the 9th time

· “The International Forum on Vocational Education in Western China” was held in Chongqing